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19 June 2005 @ 09:28 pm
Okay guys, here it is, a journal where all my chars and yours can express themselves...

Thunder: *looks around, reads his creator's journal* What the hell? My name's not dumb! Whos does that chick think she is?

Mavrik: Dude, chill, you're just a figment of Noreen's imagination.

Thunder: But my name...Thunderblade...not my fault that both my parents decided I would be a master blades-man.

Onyx: *raises eyebrow* master blades-man?

Thunder: I can beat you.

Hawkeye: Actually it's usually 50-50 between you 'n Onyx man.

Thunder: *rolls eyes* Did I ask for your oppinion Hawk?

Mavrik: Soooooo, who gets to do the first post?

Kit: I thought we were already posting, like right now....

Hawkeye: Weeeeell, if you want to be technical about it..yes. I don't think Noreen can choose who should go first though

Lance: *sudden;y has a lightbulb over his head* Let's do it in the order we were created!

Mavrik: *swatts Lance on the back of the head* You're just sayin' that because you were the second.

Noreen: *finally decided to break up the argument* Okay, I'll just start with Kristy, after all she is my fav.

Everyone: Aw.....*backs away leaving only Noreen and Kristy*
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